Rules and Regulations

To view the complete 2016 Rules and Regulations please download the Registration Form and Race Rules PDF document from the Competitors page of this website, the below are rules to adhere to when building your Soap Box:


Technical, Design and Structural Regulations

  1. Maximum length 2300mm measured from front to rear of soapbox.
  2. Maximum width 1200mm measured from outside to outside.
  3. No protuberances outside these dimensions will be allowed.
  4. There must be four wheels, fitted with tyres, (more than two “in line” wheels will not be allowed) and all wheels should be in road contact during normal running. Ground clearance should be sufficient to clear the ramps/obstacles – 50mm minimum is recommended.
  5. Good brakes are essential and will be checked. Braking must operate on at least two wheels and be effective to hold to cart stationary on the starting ramp.
  6. Seats must be securely bolted to the soap box.
  7. Soap boxes must be designed to carry one or two people only, feet first is recommended.
  8. Any steering column, brake lever or other protrusion must be designed and fitted such that the risk of puncture injuries is minimised. A padded steering wheel is recommended.
  9. Bodywork and controls must not impede the driver in exiting the vehicle unaided.
  10. Any doors or hatches required for driver access must be readily operated from both inside and outside the vehicle without the use of tools.
  11. Gravity propulsion only – i.e. no motors, no pedals & no stored potential energy.
  12. No loose weights will be allowed inside or outside the soap box.
  13. Seatbelts are not mandatory, but are recommended.
  14. Steering must not have excessive free play or any characteristic tending to promote instability.
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